Hog Feeders

PigTek and Chore-Time Hog Feeders

Maximize Feed Efficiency, Gain Management Flexibility
When it comes to feeding pigs (from the nursery to the market) Bridgeport Corporation along with PigTek and Chore-Time can help supply the feeding system tools pig producers can use for  maximizing feeding efficiency and for gaining management flexibility through:

Sow Feeders
To help you feed your sows, the PigTek Pig Equipment Group and Chore-Time provides individual and group feeding system tools, including gestation and farrowing stall feeders.

The popular CHORE-TIME® GENERATION 4™ Pig Feeders are outstanding feed management tools for feeding simplicity and efficiency.  Whether you need nursery, wean-finish or finish feeders, all have been designed to lower labor costs in clean-out and feeder adjustment time as well as to help prevent feed waste. These dry feeders can be used in the center of the pen or as fence-line feeders.

The AQUA FEEDER ® Pig Feeding System is an industry-leading wet/dry feeder with a reputation for efficiency and durability that has been gained through years of performance. The Adjustable Feed Saver Lip feature of these wet/dry feeders helps pig producers to shrink waste of feed and water for less manure handling. These wet/dry feeders are designed for use in wean-market facilities to feed pigs ranging in size from 12 to 280 lbs.

 AQUA TUBE Feeders
Get the benefits of tube feeding at “dry feeder” prices for nursery and wean-to market pigs with Chore-Time® AQUA TUBE® Feeders. These combination feeders are double-sided, easy-to-install and operate, and require less maintenance.

The AQUA TUBE® Round Feeder provides pig producers with a state-of-the-art round feeder for use in finish or wean-finish operations. These wet/dry feeders are designed for use with pigs ranging in size from 12 to 280 lbs.

All solutions are designed to aid pig producers in doing vital feeding tasks better while also saving hours of labor in clean-out and adjustment time, minimizing feed waste and preventing over-feeding.