Vinyl Decks

Novation™ Decking Systems

 Time for Something Different

Novation™ Decking Systems are an attractive yet practical alternative to wood and standard composite decks.  Novation is made from high-quality cellular PVC that provides superior durability compared to composite decking material. It’s unique, encapsulated surface means added protection year after year. With Novation, there are no worries about rotting, cracking, splintering or so many other issues that plague other decking systems. With Novation you get pure solid construction. Choose Novation Decking and create an outdoor space that is everything you want it to be, beautiful, practical and enduring.

Deck Lok® Systems

The Style of Life

If you are like most people, the things you value most may include having fun with family and friends, taking time to relax and unwind or having a comfortable, beautiful space to come home to. Deck Lok® transforms average outdoor spaces into elegant living areas, where you can enjoy the lifestyle you desire – without infringing on your busy schedule – so you can truly spend your time in the ways that are most valuable to you.